Foto-Locations in Neuseeland

5 beste Foto-Locations in Neuseeland

Michael Kuschei aus Salzburg hat einen Roadtrip durch Australien und Neuseeland unternommen und mit uns über die Fotospots seiner Reise gesprochen. Neuseeland hat den 28-Jährigen nachhaltig beeindruckt, wie er in unserem Blog-Beitrag erklärt.

Michael Kuschei from Salzburg went on a road trip through Australia and New Zealand and talked to us about the photo spots of his trip. New Zealand made a lasting impression on the 28-year-old, as he says:

„First you are in a very flat landscape, suddenly there are 3,000 meter high mountains. - Michael Kuscheii

1. Whangarei

After the trip through Australia we arrived on the North Island, where there was the highlight of a glowworm cave. There are various caves, for which you sometimes have to pay an entrance fee of 100 dollars and are then often only allowed to enter for 45 minutes. However, there is also a cave, the location of which I unfortunately cannot say so that we may not have to pay an entrance fee afterwards.

Foto Locations Neuseeland

camera exposure ISO
Canon EOS 5D Mark III 30 sec at f/2.8 3200

Whangarei is the name of a town nearby. To enter the cave you had to cross a small stream. When you are in the cave and your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, you will see many small green dots on the ceiling. The fireflies are larvae of beetles and let sticky threads hang down. With the light they attract other insects, which they can then eat. It's only available in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia we also visited such a cave, but you could only see two dots. It could be that there were so few because they were lit by tourists. It sometimes takes several hours for the shy animals to start glowing again.

Glühwürmchen Neuseeland

camera exposure ISO
Canon EOS 5D Mark III 30 sec at f/2.8 3200

2. Three Sisters

Another impressive place is Taranaki with the Three Sisters, rock formations that are gradually being eroded by the sea. You have to step onto the beach to see the formations, and you can only get there when the tide is out. Actually, I wanted to see them at sunrise, but there was no low tide, so it was only possible during the day. One of my long exposures with this subject looks like sunrise, but it isn'

Vergleichsbild ND1000 Filter

3. Mount Cook National Park

Then it was on to the South Island. This island is better in my opinion. The landscape is very interesting. One of the destinations was Mount Cook National Park. There is a campsite right on Lake Pukaki where you can see Mount Cook, which is 3,724 meters high, as the sun rises and sets.

Mount Cook Nationalpark

camera filter exposure ISO
Canon EOS 5D Mark III ND8 + CPL 30 sec at f/5.0 200

The whole area is beautiful because Lake Pukaki is completely turquoise due to the glacier. The sunrises and sunsets in this area are breathtaking.

Lake Pukaki

camera filter exposure ISO
Canon EOS 5D Mark III ND8 + CPL 30 sec at f/9.0 100

From there we drove towards Queenstown. Very nice and modern and located directly on the lake. Among other things, you can go on fjord tours and watch the sun go down..

Queenstown Neuseeland

camera filter exposure ISO
Canon EOS 5D Mark III ND8 + CPL 1/80 sec at f/2.8 100

4. Milford Sound

Towards the end of the route we went to Milford Sound. We stayed at a campsite nearby. At sunrise I was completely alone. (picture available). Unfortunately, what surprised me was the flood. When she came I was suddenly trapped on an island and had to take off my shoes to get back. So you should always pay attention to the ebb and flow there.

Milfordsound Neuseeland

camera filter exposure ISO
Canon EOS 5D Mark III ND8 30 sec at f/9.0 100

5. Wanaka Tree at Lake Wanaka

We were also at the Wanaka Tree unfortunately not at sunset, but we took pictures during the day. The tree has a really interesting history. A farmer marked out the area with wooden posts a while back and one of the posts started to grow and became a tree again..


camera filter exposure ISO
Canon EOS 5D Mark III ND1000 30 sec at f/9.0 100

That's why the tree is now standing there in the water and there are signs everywhere that you are not allowed to enter it. It is believed that it has been there for at least 80 years and some branches have already broken off. By the way, we mostly camped wildly along the route, although we were often lucky enough to be able to sleep under a starry sky.

Sternenhimmel Neuseeland

camera exposure ISO
Canon EOS 5D Mark III 25 sec at f/2.8 3200

We spent a total of two weeks in New Zealand. That means four days on the North Island in New Zealand and ten days on the southern half. All in all, it was really an incredibly great trip that I can only recommend to everyone.

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