Shooting Viltrox Objektiv

Spannendes Shooting mit Tänzerin: Stephan Wiesner testet das neue 23mm Viltrox-Objektiv für Sony

Bei Rollei haben wir in Zusammenarbeit mit Viltrox unlängst hochwertige Objektive auf den Markt gebracht, die sich bei unseren Kunden großer Beliebtheit erfreuen. Als wir kürzlich unter anderem das Viltrox FE-85mm f/1.8 Mk2 herausgebracht haben, hat Profi-Fotograf Stefan Wiesner es auf Herz und Nieren für uns getestet und darüber auch ein Video veröffentlicht.
Der handliche Lumen Pocket Bi-Color im Einsatz Reading Spannendes Shooting mit Tänzerin: Stephan Wiesner testet das neue 23mm Viltrox-Objektiv für Sony 3 minutes Further Frank Fischer testet das neue Soluna 200Bi LED-Dauerlicht

Photographer Stephan Wiesner tests the new 23mm Viltrox lens for Sony

At Rollei, in cooperation with Viltrox, we recently high quality lenses launched, which are very popular with our customers.
When we recently, among other things,Viltrox FE-85mm f/1.8 Mk2 released, professional photographer Stefan Wiesner put it through its paces for us and beyond also areleased video.

High quality metal feel

And now it's time for the brand new Viltrox AF 23mm f/1.4 (E-MOUNT APS-C) for Sony came. Also this one lens Stephan Wiesner tested and again Video about the test released.

There he explains first of all that he is very convinced of the feel. The lens is made of metal, the lens hood is also made of metal and it is also very easy to use it is really veryhr high-quality processed“, he says there.

Rollei Viltrox Objektiv AF 23mm

„Nice and sharp, totally practical, you can use it very well“


In addition to the feel, vignettes and sharpness are also an issue, explains Wiesner. He shows test images on the laptop with the Sony Alpha 6400 recorded with 24 megapixels. And in this area, too, Stephan Wiesner is absolutely on point lens convinced. It's really sharp, totally practical, you can use it very well, he explains. For aein cheap lens at aperture 1.4 that's very, very good. He then shows the result images of different apertures and exposure times..

A highlight of the video is a Shooting by light painting professional Olaf Schieche from Zolaq, among others is accompanied, who provides the necessary atmosphere with a fog machine. The oriental dancer and dance teacher is photographed Leocadia Lacroix from Hannover. These impressive images are also evaluated in the video.

Shooting mit dem Viltrox Objektiv

bokeh, bokeh, bokeh

As with those previously launched Viltrox lenses, so Wiesner is also in this case again from bokeh impressed that the lens offers, but also by its sun star. He likes the flare of the a little less lens . But, he says, it's all a matter of taste. 


Wiesner is absolutely convinced of this in the video lens . There he emphasizes that again in particular Price-performance ratio and explains in addition: The lens looks very, veryr high-quality , since it has a lot of metal and it is very attractively priced for what it offers, you only pay a fraction of the price compared to the original lenses from Sony or Fuji.“

Testbild mit Blende

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