Echte Schmuckstücke in fünf Farben – das sind unsere neuen kolorierten Lensballs!

Real gems in five colors - these are our new colored Lensballs!

Our transparent Lensballs were already a complete success, and they were just perfect for our customers. But what actually makes such a lens ball? Photographer and photo trainer Frank Fischer explains this particularly clearly in a great new video that he recorded for the launch of our new colored Lensballs.

Already our transparent ones lens balls were a complete success, and our customers simply loved them. But there was one thing we kept getting asked abouth colored lens balls. And that's why we now also offer colored lensballs: purple, blue, green, red and gold.

But what makes one like that lensball actually from That explained Photographer and photo trainer Frank Fischer particularly vivid in a great new video he made for the launch of our new colorized lens balls has recorded.

80 millimeters in diameter, a wide range of possible applicationsn

There he explains that the glass balls that we are in 80 millimeters in diameter offer not only wide open aperture can use to one certain bokeh to obtain, but also with an aperture that is a little more closed, which makes the photographic possibilities very diverse.

How it works is very simple. You just have to go to the lensball focus, so that subsequently the reflection of the background in the lensball becomes visible. So you get a circular image of 180 degrees of the background, so you can conjure up beautiful motifs.

Lensball Gold Rollei

Caution should be exercised in this area of ​​application

In the video, Frank Fischer also names application examples, such as that you can use the lensball into a puddle and then photograph the reflection. Or you can use it for architectural photography. There are plenty of examples in the video..

However, Frank Fischer warns against one area of ​​application, although this type of image is particularly popular. Because because of the magnifying glass effect lens balls the glass balls can sometimes get hot. Therefore, caution is required, especially in dry grass, as fires can be ignited by prisms that focus the light.

Above all, one is important little light, so that the motif can also be seen sufficiently and then the happy lensballStart taking photos.

Lensball Purple Rollei

In any case, we are enthusiastic about our new pieces of jewelry and wish you a lot of fun!

Your Rollei team

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