Grundlagen Filterfotografie

Grundlagen der Filterfotografie (mit Video)

Optische Filter sind eine großartige Möglichkeit, Fotos schon während der Aufnahme zu optimieren. Der Einsatz optischer Filter bietet mir die optimale Basis, um anschließend gegebenenfalls mit der Bildbearbeitung das Maximum aus meinen Fotos herauszuarbeiten.

Optical filters are a great option , to optimize photos as they are taken. The use of optical filters offers me the optimal basis to then, if necessary, work out the maximum from my photos with image processing.

Basically, I use the following filters for the appropriate use cases: 

  • polarizing filter to enhance blue skies, reduce haze and reduce reflections on non-metallic surfaces
  • Gray filter (ND filter) for extending exposure times in landscape photography or hiding traffic/people in city photography. Also for using the open aperture in portrait photography in bright light in the studio or outdoors
  • Graduated gray filter (GND filter) in landscape photography to adjust contrasts, especially when there is little structure in the sky, or at sunrise or sunset
  • Astro clear filter for filtering out light pollution

You can find out everything about the different filters and filter systems in this video:

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