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Expandable LUMIS LED flashlights in compact formats

Erweiterbare LUMIS LED-Stableuchten in kompakten Formaten

LUMIS I-Light RGB and Mini I-Light RGB allow creative effects on location and in the studio

With the LUMIS I-Light RGB and the LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB, the photo accessories manufacturer Rollei is presenting two new variants of compact continuous lights in rod form. Content creators, videographers and photographers benefit from variable lighting effects via an RGB mode, a CCT mode (variable color temperature) and an effect mode. For maximum flexibility, the LUMIS I-Light RGB can be expanded with additional lights using a plug-in mechanism, while the Mini I-Light RGB can be expanded using the integrated magnets.

Norderstedt, April 1, 2022. Rollei offers with the LUMIS I-Light RGB and LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB first time RGB lights As part of the LUMIS series at that grow to a bigger one bar light expand. The flexible use of lights allows creative color and light effects to be implemented in photos or videos.



The bigger LUMIS I-Light RGB offers, despite the low weight of just 236 grams and a size of 23.5 centimeters, a handy bar light for creative shoots. thanks to the 110 built-in LEDs (44 cool white, 44 warm white and 22 RGB LEDs) enables the compact bar light three different modes: color temperature mode, RGB mode and effect mode. In color temperature mode, the color temperature can be set between 2,500 and 9,000 Kelvin in 10 or 100 Kelvin increments. The RGB mode enables 360 color nuances and continuously adjustable saturation. The effect mode offers over 20 different effects, such as candlelight, the flickering of a broken lightbulb or fireworks, which are particularly suitable for video recordings. This is reinforced by a CRI and a TLCI of over 95 each, which not only guarantees high color accuracy, but also with Natural color video recording cares. For the necessary power in LUMIS I-Light RGB The built-in lithium-ion battery with 2,600 mAh ensures a service life of up to 1.5 hours (with an output of 100% and a color temperature of 4,500 Kelvin).

About an integrated innovative plug-in mechanism can the LUMIS I-Light RGB can be extended up to 70.5 centimetres. Total lets this way up to three LUMIS I-Light RGB connected together become. In the housing of LUMIS I-Light RGB are integrated magnets that ensure that the light can be easily placed on metallic surfaces.


LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB

The smaller one, 10 centimeters tall LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB offers the same flexibility and adjustment options as the large LUMIS I-Light RGB. In the compact flashlight worry the 88 LEDs for the required illumination. Including 33 cold and warm white LEDs and 22 RGB LEDs. With a power setting of 100 percent and a color temperature of 4,500 Kelvin, the 2,000 mAh battery enables lighting fun of up to around 1.5 hours and all this with an extremely low weight of just 116 grams..

Should the 10 centimeters length of the compact LED steady light not sufficient, can use those built into the ends magnets very easily two more LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB be connected. Like the larger model, this also offers LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB Magnets on the back so the LED steady light can be attached to metal surfaces. Of course, the more compact variant also offers a CRI and TLCI of over 95.

Both lights also feature a 1/4 inch connector. The LUMIS steady lights are supplied with a USB-C cable, while the LUMIS I-Light also comes with a practical transport bag.


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