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Astroklar round filter night light filterRollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter
RolleiAstroklar round filter night light filter
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F:X Pro Round Filter Set + Astroklar - Limited EditionF:X Pro Round Filter Set + Astroklar - Limited Edition
RolleiF:X Pro Round Filter Set + Astroklar - Limited Edition
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Astroklar Light Pollution Filters against light pollution Astrophotography & amp; Night photographye

The Astroklar filter are Night light filter made of optical glass and here available as a round filter. The special coating reduces the - from the Light pollution resulting - yellow color casts and the cloudy night sky at night Landscape, city photography and astrophotography. These result from artificial light sources that envelop the surroundings of a large city like a kind of bell or sphere.

A city with 25,000 inhabitants is enough to artificially brighten up the surroundings within a radius of 20 kilometers and so the Night sky appear cloudy and low in contrast, or Night shots to give a yellow cast. The artificial light sources, which for the largest Light pollution Sodium vapor lamps have a light wavelength of approx. 590 nm and mercury vapor lamps light wavelengths of 545 nm and 580 nmsere Night light filter and enable so Images of a starry sky and night shots without a yellow cast - also in large cities and their surrounding areas.