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Speed booster for lenses - more light, more choice
Camera bayonets largely determine the success of a camera brand; after all, they are designed to bring continuity to the line-up of lenses over many decades. Of course, the bayonet from a certain manufacturer also means that photographers are bound to the lenses provided and cannot easily use lenses with other bayonets.

The adapter for the lens first appeared with the introduction of system cameras, i.e. mirrorless digital cameras. Due to the shorter distance between the sensor and the bayonet, it was now possible to attach lenses from other manufacturers and so-called vintage lenses to your own camera.

The correct focal length thanks to the speed booster

A speed booster from Viltrox is used when photographers want to use lenses from a different brand that are optically designed for a larger sensor format. It is common to adapt full-frame lenses to system cameras with a smaller APS-C or MFT sensor. If a full-frame lens is attached to the system camera with a simple adapter, i.e. without a speed booster, the focal length is extended according to the reduction factor between the full-frame sensor and the sensor of the system camera. A lens with a focal length of 50 mm becomes a lens with a focal length of 75 mm.

This effect can be useful if the adapted normal focal length is to be used as a portrait lens. Only with a speed booster for Canon or a speed booster for Nikon, as an example, is it possible to use the original focal length of the adapted lens. If, for example, a wide angle with EF bayonet is adapted to Micro Four Thirds cameras, this lens remains a wide angle and the imaging circle of the lens is fully used.

More light and better exposure

A shortened focal length, or better still, the preservation of the actual focal length, is just one of the advantages of an EF speed booster. Another is that the reduction in the imaging circle of the lens means that more light falls on the sensor. With bright lenses, the possibilities for taking photos in poor light conditions or in the dark are even greater.

In addition, this has the effect that the look that characterizes the full format can now also be achieved with smaller sensors. With a speed booster for MFT, despite the significantly smaller sensor, people or objects can be exempted, which are actually only possible with full format.

The comfort is retained

A speed booster for E Mount, as an example, not only ensures that the optical advantages of a lens can be fully exploited, but the innovative adapter forms a link between the electronics of the camera body and the adapted lens. This is particularly convenient for photographers, as it maintains the autofocus. In addition, it is the case with many modern lenses from numerous manufacturers that the aperture can no longer be changed manually. The automatic shutter function and the option to change the aperture using the menu of the camera used are also available.

Thanks to the speed booster, photographers who use an additional camera system or want to change can use the existing lenses and do not have to invest in numerous new lenses immediately. This makes your own equipment more versatile and enriches it with numerous new creative possibilities.

- Firm and secure hold of the adapted lens
- Communication between camera body and lens
- The autofocus is retained
- Take pictures with the original focal length
- The possible uses of existing lenses are expanded