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Power Stations & Solar Panel for self-generated electricity

Power Stations & Solar Panel für selbst erzeugten Strom

High conversion efficiency and LiFePo4 battery for maximum flexibility

After the successful launch of the Rollei Energy series with the smart thermostats, Rollei is expanding the range with four new products. Whether in your own garden or on a camping tour, the new power stations and solar panels provide electricity where you need it. With a high conversion efficiency of up to 22 percent, the new Solar Panel 100 and Solar Panel 200 generate green electricity. The energy is stored in the Power Stations 320 or 500, which are also new and stand out due to their safe and long-lasting LiFePo4 battery.en.

Norderstedt, 03/15/2023. After the smart thermostats, Rollei is presenting further product highlights for the new Rollei Energy series. With the new Power Stations and Solar Panels, anyone can generate green electricity efficiently and independently. It doesn't matter whether you're going to use it in your own garden or on your next camping trip. The innovations impress with a large variety of possible applications.n.


Power stations 320 and 500

The new Rollei power stations provide a lot of power in a small format. With a memory of 322 watt hours at the Power stations 320 and 450 watt hours on the larger Power stations 500 the devices offer the possibility of supplying several devices with electricity at the same time. are used here LiFePo4 batteries (Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries), which are not only safer than conventional battery alternatives, but also up to six times longer lasting.

The low dead weight of both innovations of 4.8 or 6.75 kilograms and the integrated foldable handle contribute to one easy transportation at. For maximum flexibility, benefit power stations from a simple charge via four different routes. If self-sufficient charging via the solar panel is not possible due to various weather conditions, this can also be done via a connection via electricity or a USB-C cable. If necessary, this even works simultaneously. It can also be charged on the go using a car cable.

Just as the product highlights offer different options for charging yourself, there are numerous connections, which include USB-A, USB-C, DC and AC connections, among others. To monitor battery status and input/output voltage, each power stations a clear LC display. They also offer an integrated LED light with SOS function and a range of safety functions to protect against overcharging and short circuits.


Solar panels 100 and 200

The new ones are also very easy and require just a few movements solar panels 100 with two and that solar panels 200 constructed with four solar panels. With a high charging efficiency or light output of up to 22 percent, they impress portable panels with the motto plug and play, so that these simply connect to the e power stations to be attached and direct generate electricity can. There is the possibility of several panels can be operated in parallel or in series with the appropriate adapters (not included in the scope of delivery).

The Solar panel have a handle and durable fabric. For a comfortable transport, the Solar panel be folded up. A small pocket is attached to the back of each panel so that the associated cables can also be stowed away during transport. In addition, the innovations come with hinged brackets for optimal alignment of the Solar panel to the sun there.


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