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Rollei continues to expand the Lumen series

Rollei baut Angebot der Lumen-Serie weiter aus

Two new LED panels and updates from Lumen Pocket Bi-Color and RGB

Daylight is the photographer's best friend. But as soon as the natural light situation needs to be optimized, permanent LED lights are a good help. LED light provides light similar to daylight, so that the artificial lighting can also be finely dosed as required. Rollei is expanding its continuous light range with the two Lumen Panel 600Bi and Lumen Panel 900Bi. The permanent lights can be controlled via the Lumen app, they are compatible with each other and with other products in the Lumen series and also come with a fair price-performance ratio. In addition to the steady LED lights, a new version of the popular Lumen Pocket Bi-Color and Lumen Pocket RGB is coming to market.

Hamburg/Norderstedt, August 12th, 2020 Rollei presents two new lumen panels (600Bi and 900Bi). The mobile surface lights are light and compact. They reliably deliver bicolor and daylight-like light that is infinitely adjustable. That Lumen Panel 600Bi and lumens Panel 900Bi comes with a soft and CTO diffuser that can be easily changed thanks to a magnetic mount. The barndoors allow the light to be precisely aligned, while the swiveling tripod mount offers flexibility when positioning the light.

Both LED steady lights are great for Photo and video recordings suitable and have an individually adjustable color temperature of 3200-5500 K. The Lumen app not only ensures easy operation, but also simplifies the combination of all Lumen products. Thanks to the battery operation, the Lumen 600Bi and 900Bi are also ideal for mobile shooting (rechargeable batteries are optionally available)..

That Lumen Panel 600Bi has 576 LEDs (288 white lights and 288 warm lights) with 40 W power and an illuminance of 6203 lx at 0.5 m and 5500 K. It is available for 116.39 at

That Lumen Panel 900Bi has 900 LEDs (450 white lights and 450 warm lights) with 60 W power and an illuminance of 10572 lx at 0.5 m and 5500 K. It is available at for 164.89. Rollei also offers both panels as a set for beginners, including two lamp tripods and a bag..

In addition to the two Lumen Panels, Rollei presents an update of the popular Lumen Pocket Bi-Color and Lumen Pocket RGB in pocket size. The most important innovation of Lumen Pocket Bi-Color v2 is that this model can now also be used with the Lumen app. Available at for 77.59. Both new Lumen Pockets are now not only supplied with a diffuser, but also with a grid. The extended scope of delivery of the Lumen Pocket RGB also includes a second ¼ inch screw so that the light can also be used horizontally. It is available for 96.99 belowr



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