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The Rollei brand is 100 years old

Die Marke Rollei wird 100 Jahre alt

Rollei has reinvented itself

Hamburg/Norderstedt, January 24th, 2020 Photography at the highest level has always characterized the Rollei brand. Everyone knows the name and many know about its glorious history. Today the products are different than they were then, but with them the Rollei brand has once again become well-known and strong. Exclusive products, limited to 100 pieces, crown the celebration of the brand's 100th anniversary..

Decades of camera history as well as revolutionary and groundbreaking developments in photography technology are associated with the Rollei brand. The founding company Rollei became famous, among other things, with the legendary twin-lens camera Rolleiflex 6x6, which went into series production as early as 1929. Later, the company at that time sold more than 3 million units from 1967 with the shirt pocket camera, the 35 series, a record! It was the best-selling 35mm camera in the world at the

For many reasons, the Rollei company at that time was considered a pioneer in the photo industry. In 1954, for example, the Rolleimarin went into series production, an underwater housing for the popular Rolleiflex. Inspired by the diver Hans Hass, a way was developed to photograph the underwater world. For almost 20 years, the Rolleimarin was considered the ultimate for underwater photographers. Another pioneering act was the opening of a production site in Singapore in the early 1970s in order to be able to serve the Asian market from there.n.

A long period of great success lies behind the Rollei company, but the old camera manufacturer no longer exists in this form. Since 2010, the worldwide trademark rights have belonged to a young company that has picked up on the advent of digital technology in photography and lives the enthusiasm for photography.

Create creative scope

The new company, based in Norderstedt near Hamburg, has recognized what is important: photography must succeed, create creative scope and be easy to implement. A photo can only be good if everything is right when it was taken. With an extensive product range of tripods, filters, flash units, camera bags, photo backpacks, action cams and extensive accessories, the new owner of the global Rollei brand rights has successfully positioned itself on the market. With this, the innovative management is breaking new ground, but at the same time reflecting on the tradition of the Rollei brand, which has had an outstanding reputation among professional and amateur photographers for 100 years. Supporting photographers is now the new and successful credo. A picture of the starry sky, for example, succeeds with a filter from Rollei, with ice and snow with extremely robust tripods and flash under poor lighting conditions. The motto is obvious: all around the camera for a better picture. For example, the new Rollei has developed into the German market leader for tripods.t.

Limited edition

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Rollei brand on February 1st, the supplier of photo accessories came up with something very special. Two filter sets limited to 100 pieces, which are provided with the unique laser engraving Limited Edition, are offered exclusively at an anniversary price. Each filter set also has an individual sticker on the filter packaging with a consecutive, unique production number. The first set contains an ND32000, ND4000, ND2000, ND1000, ND64 and an ND8 filter. Rollei will be offering this extensive filter set in limited quantities at a price of 299.99.en.
The second set consists of the previous starter kit, which has been expanded to include the Astroklar filter and is also being offered in limited quantities for 249.99 on the occasion of the birthday..

The two filter sets will be available from January 27th, 2020



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Rollei wird 100 Limited Edition FX Pro Filter