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Rollei Xtalk headset: state-of-the-art audio solution for teams

Rollei Xtalk-Headset: Hochmoderne Audio-Lösung für Teams

Rollei Xtalk headset: state-of-the-art audio solution for teams

Rollei presents that Wireless Xtalk Vollduplex-Intercom headset, a practical solution for professional communication. With a range of up to 350 meters it offers maximum flexibility and crystal -clear sound. The advanced noise reduction technology eliminates noise while Exchange batteries an operating time of up to 20 hours make possible. With different types of ear pads and a low weight, the Xtalk headset guarantees maximum comfort, ideal for long operations.


Norderstedt, April 17th, 2024. In the dynamic world of professional communication Clarity and flexibility of crucial importance. Roller, known for its first-class products in the field of photo and video accessories, now presents an exciting novelty: the wireless Xtalk Vollduplex-Intercom headset. This solution optimizes the way teams communicate and interact with each other.

The Xtalk Intercom headsets offer a remarkable one in different bundles flexibility in the configuration. You can as you like Master or remote units are set up and divided into two separate groups. The 2.4 gigahertz radio frequency range ensures a stable and reliable signal without interruptions, disorders and undesirable listening.

The advanced noise reduction technology The Xtalk Headsets eliminates Echos, noise and ambient noise, which ensures crystal clear sound even in the loudest environments. The Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology can be switched on and off at just one push of a button, during the supplied one Microphone wind protection Disturbing wind noise effectively minimized in outdoor inserts.

With the integrated Jack connection Users can communicate seamlessly with their team and at the same time monitor the tone of devices such as cameras, recorders or computers without the need for another headset. This function is particularly useful for teams in production, broadcasting or live events.

Another outstanding feature of the Xtalk headsets is their impressive Communication range from up to 350 meters, which enables full freedom of movement in large -scale work environments. The headsets are designed for long missions and have Exchange batteries as well as a low power consumption that an operation of up to 20 hours enables with one battery charge.

Comfort is the top priority at the Xtalk Intercom headsets. With two different types of ear pads, the Over-ear leather ear pads and On-ear foam-ear pads, as well as a low weight of only 188 grams These headsets guarantee a comfortable wearing capacity per headset, even with long missions.

Further technical data can be attached to the attached PDF document be removed. The new Xtalk headsets are available individually or in the practical bundle with two or five headsets in Rollei-online shop under to discover.


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Rollei Xtalk headset
Rollei Xtalk headset
Rollei Xtalk headset