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V6i monopod and V5i video head perfect for sports recording

V6i Monopod und V5i Videokopf perfekt für Sportaufnahmen

New video accessories enable precise camera work

If you are in the field of videography or maybe even in the field of sports photography, the photo accessories manufacturer Rollei has useful new tools for you. Namely an aluminum monopod and a video head, both of which offer many useful properties.

Norderstedt, June 24th, 2021. The V6i monopod is a self standing monopod, which is perfect for sports and video recording. It has a ball joint at the foot, which allows a particularly soft movement. The compact monopod Allows tilting of up to 20 degrees in all directions. With a maximum working height of 1.57 meters and a weight of just 980 grams, it can carry a total of 5 kilograms

The V6i can either as a classic monopod or with the help of the small tripod base, which can even be unscrewed and has a ball head.

Also new: the right one V5i video head. The monopod can be used with the new V5i video head can be added for soft and light camera movements. It is characterized by a high load capacity of up to 3 kilograms with a low weight of 290 grams. Precise fine adjustments can be made thanks to the leveling.

With an angle setting of 90 degrees down and 55 degrees up, shots can be taken from a variety of perspectives. As an additional gadget comes the compact V5i with a hidden Allen key so that the handle can be unscrewed at any time if necessary.


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Produktabbildung V6i Monopod von RolleiProduktabbildung V6i Monopod von RolleiProduktabbildung V5i Videokopf von Rollei