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Rollei präsentiert Filter für DJI-Drohnen

Die Fotofilter der F:X Pro-Serie von Rollei sind extrem beliebt. Tausendfach verkauft, gestalten Fotografen auf der ganzen Welt damit ihre Aufnahmen. Und nun gibt es tolle Neuigkeiten für Drohnenpiloten, denn Rollei stellt seine Qualitätsfilter jetzt auch „fliegenden Optiken“ zur Verfügung. Die Drohnenfilter kommen in Form von je drei Filtersets für vier verschiedene Modelle des Herstellers DJI. Sie eignen sich für alle Filmer und Drohnenpiloten, die ihre Foto- und Video-Ergebnisse mit ND-, Pol- und Astroklar-Filtern optimieren möchten.

New ND, polarizing and astro clear filters

Rollei's F:X Pro series photo filters are extremely popular. Sold thousands of times, photographers all over the world use it to create their photos. And now there is great news for drone pilots, because Rollei is now also making its quality filters available for flying optics. The drone filters come in the form of three filter sets for four different models from DJI. They are suitable for all filmmakers and drone pilots who want to optimize their photo and video results with ND, polar and astro clear filters.n.

Hamburg/Norderstedt, July 30th, 2020 Rollei is expanding its range with drone filter sets for four different models from the manufacturer DJI. The sets are based on the high-quality F:X Pro series and offer their proven properties, such as high color fidelity, temperature resistance, low reflections and robustness. Rollei offers the filter sets for the DJI models Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2. A set can contain filters of different intensities and filter types such as ND, CPL or astro clear filters (see below). An overview of all filter sets for the respective drone can be viewed atrden unter https://www.rollei.de/foto-filter/drone-filter

Simply plugged onto the drone camera, the new filters offer all the advantages of ND, polar and astro-clear filters and ensure, for example, even light reduction without changing the colors. Most drones let you adjust the ISO and shutter speed, but not the aperture. ND filters address this problem because they avoid overexposure and deliver dynamic results with wipe and flow effects. Combination filters (ND polarizing filters) are also included in individual filter sets. Polarizing filters are in demand when reflections on non-metallic surfaces are to be avoided, for example on water or glass. And an Astroklar filter is also included, which can correct color changes at night caused by light pollution. Polarizing filters are in demand when reflections on non-metallic surfaces are to be avoided, for example on water or glass.

Drone Filter Set 1

Four filters included: ND4, ND8, ND16 and an Astroklar filter. ND filters prevent overexposure to sunlight and increase exposure time, allowing higher frame rates (FPS) to be selected.

Drone Filter Set 2

Four filters included: ND4/CPL, ND8/CPL, ND16/CPL and an Astroklar filter. The combined ND and polarizing filters not only extend the exposure time and thus enable a higher frame rate, they also reduce reflections on non-metallic surfaces and intensify colors.

Drone Filter Set 3

Seven filters included: ND4, ND8, ND16, ND4/CPL, ND8/CPL, ND16/CPL and an Astroklar filter. The third set is a combination of set 1 and set 2. All included filter strengths come as ND and ND polarizing filters. Depending on the recording situation, the appropriate filter can be selected.



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