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Speedlights – possibilities for creative shootings

Aufsteckblitze – Möglichkeiten für kreative Shootings

Especially in difficult lighting conditions, your camera can reach its limits and not produce a satisfactory result despite an acceptable shutter speed and maximum aperture. Also in the area of Portrait photography This can certainly happen, for example in the bright midday sun. Large areas with shadows and hard contrasts are missing here suitable equipment quite common practice.

In this case, a remedy can be provided Speedlight create. In this blog post you will not only find out what a speedlight is, but also what advantages it brings and in which areas it can be best used. 

Let's start again from the beginning: A speedlight is a Flash unit, which in most cases is designed specifically for a specific camera or series of cameras.

Aufsteckblitz HS-Freeze 1s von Rollei

In contrast to an integrated flash, which is built into the camera and only offers limited performance, a clip-on or system flash can be used here larger wattage, longer battery life and even additional Accesories show off. Another advantage of system flashes is that they can even be controlled remotely if necessary flexible lighting to enable. Compared to studio flashes, system flashes are smaller, lighter and more mobile, making them the ideal choice for photographers who are often on the move and need a quick as well as simple lighting solution need.

Further advantages of a system flash 

Before we give you the possible fields of application We would like to show you further advantages of using a system flash. System flashes offer many advantages over internal flashes or studio flashes. they offer Performance in an extremely compact format and can remote controlled This means that the flash can be controlled from the camera and positioned on the opposite side, for example. 

Another advantage of our speedlight: HS Freeze 1s and HS Freeze 1s for Sony are the available modes that are particularly special great flexibility offer. This includes Speedlite mode, Master mode and Slave mode. In the Speedlite mode The flash is only triggered via the hot shoe of the connected camera. Meanwhile, in master mode, the clip-on flash acts as a wireless remote trigger for compatible flashes. The integrated flash of the flash head can be activated or deactivated. On the other hand, in Slave mode the flash via other radio triggers, such as the Professional radio trigger Mark II, triggered.

Aufsteckblitz HS-Freeze 1s von Rollei

Where is a system flash best used?   

If you don't have a system flash yet, you should consider getting one to improve the quality of your images. Basically you can have one Clip-on or system flash used in many different areas. It can be particularly useful for... Portrait, wedding and event photography be. These types of shoots often involve shooting many different lighting conditions, and a system flash can help to optimally direct the light onto the subject. However, using a system flash requires some practice and experience to achieve the best results. But with something Patience and willingness to experiment you can quickly learn how to best use a system flash in different situations. 

For action in high-speed photography  

A particularly exciting area can be High-speed photography be, with a speedlight thanks to the targeted additional lighting short exposure times for sharp images because this type of photography is about capturing moving objects as quickly as possible. By using different flash settings such as fast flash sync or a unleashed lightning Special effects can also be created that promote the photographer's creativity.

Aufsteckblitz HS-Freeze 1s von Rollei

Architecture and real estate photography: details and depth effect 

A system flash can also be useful in photographing architecture or real estate. The use of the light in a room or on a facade can be controlled in a targeted manner. Especially in indoor spaces that are often dark and shadowy, a flash can help make images brighter and clearer. Conversely, lightning helps Reduce shadows in the image and achieves a better one Depth effect. Increasing the exposure also allows the colors of the image to stand out better and the overall image to be less noisy. With targeted lighting using system flash, a building or interior including the furnishings can be emphasized and, overall, a professional and attractive shot be created to impress potential buyers or tenants. In addition, the can compact size The speedlight helps ensure that the light can be targeted in many corners and edges, for which larger setups take up too much space.  

The little one perfectly presented 

Also macro photographers like to use a speedlight like ours HS Freeze 1s, and there are a few reasons for that. For example, increasing the amount of light, as macro photography usually requires one high magnification. This means that the subject is usually very close to the camera lens. However, this closeness means that less light falls on the subject, which can potentially lead to underexposure, although additional illumination with a system flash can help. Desired effects can also be imitated with a system flash, such as the incident light from the sun or deliberately placed shadows. As with the two types of photography before, the use of one can also be used here external light source Additionally, it helps to achieve sharper images by reducing motion blur and shortening the shutter speed.  

Freeze breathtaking events for eternity  

In addition to well-known advantages, such as the targeted control of the light, which can lead to higher quality images, a speedlight can also be used in... Photography of events bring many advantages. This includes, among other things, creative flashes. For example, the flash can be used to create dramatic effects using objects or other accessories such as colored foil or light modifiers, which can influence the entire mood. With the right settings, the background can also be controlled so that it deliberately appears darker in contrast to the subject. The shorter shutter speeds mentioned in sports and macro photography can also be used in Event and wedding photography cause small Snapshots can be captured for eternity in a very short time. Another advantage of the speedlight in wedding photography is that it can help Red eyes Minimize or avoid problems that can arise from shooting in low light. In addition, he can Outdoor shots can be used to create fill light and thus minimize shadow formation. This can be particularly useful, for example, if you want to photograph the bride and groom in a shady area on a sunny day. 

Particularly popular: portrait photography 

Many of the above benefits, such as greater control over the light, red-eye avoidance and the ability to get creative with additional accessories, are also found in the Portrait photography with speedlights Application. For example, the light can be directed directly at the model to make it stand out from the surroundings. In addition, a speedlight offers a greater range than most integrated camera flashes, allowing the photographer to take photos from greater distances. This is particularly useful when the subject is moving or in a larger space. In addition, most cameras now come without an integrated flash.

Aufsteckblitz HS-Freeze 1s von Rollei

System flash: The versatile addition to your photography 

Overall, a system flash like ours offers HS Freeze 1s a wide range of new possibilities for photography. Of the Event and wedding photography to portrait photography The use of a speedlight opens up greater possibilities for the photographer Control over the light and makes it possible to better present the subject. 

But that's not all: the rechargeable battery of our flash and the optional accessories such as color foils, softboxes and Bowens adapters increase the flexibility even further and give the photographer more flexibility maximum freedomto work creatively. For example, the system flash can be used to achieve color effects, soften the light or specifically illuminate the subject. 

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