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Photographer Tobias Hoiten tests our new one<br/> Photoliner Ocean L

Fotoliner Ocean Rucksack L

Our new Backpacks Fotoliner Oceann“ are not just off recycled plastic bottles manufactured, but they also bring many other great properties that are important for Photographers on trips are useful. One of the larger models is the Photoliner Ocean in size L, which we had tested in advance. Namely by Tobias Hoiten, who travels all over Europe for his photos and is therefore naturally dependent on a very good backpack.

Rollei Fotoliner Ocean L

He reports: What I particularly like is that lots of space! This is my first backpack that I actually use all my photo equipment notice and don't have to decide for a long time what of my equipment to leave at home.“

To his equipment belong two cameras with wide-angle and telephoto lenses as well as one drone, a portrait lens and a brighter lens, as he reports. Even my laptop finds its place in the backpack in addition to cleaning cloths, batteries and memory cards. That's really great, because otherwise I would always have to take a separate bag with me for my drone, for example, which is exhausting in the long run, explains Hoiten.en.

Equipment im Fotoliner Ocean L

Features that would be particularly useful to him Waist belt and rain cover, the photographer is convinced. The waist belt is an enormous one Relief for the back. Right now, when I'm carrying even more than before, I feel the weight when I do that equipment normally on my back all day. The hip belt relieves a lot and distributes the weight well. Of course, rain protection is also extremely useful, Hoiten grins. I've had a few moments when it suddenly started raining and you're just happy to have the shelter. If that as equipment well protected then you're more than welcome to go outside with it, even in the rain.

Rollei Fotoliner Ocean Rucksack

The photographer says of the material: It feels very high quality and also resilient at. I don't have the feeling that any of the seams will burst open immediately if I overuse the backpack. he gives me this safe feeling that everything is always perfectly stowed away is. The bottom of the backpack with its extra reinforcement is also very practical if you have to change the camera on muddy ground..

„With this Backpack I'm happy traveling again, if it is possible. Because you have everything with you and don't have to decide what to leave at home.“


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Tobias Hoiten from Wilhelmshaven has specialized in city trips and excursions in Europe in general. He runs a travel blog and an Instagram account where he takes his readers with him on his travels and also shares photography tips and tricks. His goal is to travel to all 47 countries in Europe. He has already met 20.

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