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5 spooky Halloween pictures by Sebastian Nagel

Halloween Shooting mit Sebastian Nagel

Photographer Sebastian Nagel has around 117,000 followers on Instagram, whom he regularly supplies with aesthetic and creative images. He has Halloween with ours Lumen sticks worked. He told us what is important for successful Halloween photos, how he edits his pictures and what inspires him to do this work.

Halloween Shooting Flammen

Motif 1: Flame look

cover Exposure time ISO



When it comes to Halloween, dark locations in the evening or early in the morning are of course advantageous. Whatever comes very well is fire or smoke. Creepy makeup is great too, but it all depends on what you want to do. Personally, I also think extreme poses and facial expressions are important, i.e. not normal 1980s posing. It can also be posted in a cramped or totally psycho way.

Halloween Shooting Dunkelheit

Motif 2: Color accents in the dark

cover Exposure time ISO



What applies to posing also applies to the location

Of course, this can also apply to the location. Most of my Halloween pictures were taken on an abandoned building complex in Kaiserslautern. I deliberately chose the location because it is empty and there was a fire in the building, which of course looks impressive and is extremely suitable for the Halloween theme. The flame image was created indoors. I have them left and right for that Lumen sticks placed that glowed blue and orange and I added the flames later. I photographed them in my driveway that same evening. To do this, I bought bioethanol at the hardware store, lit it on fire and then placed it in the image using Photoshop. I primarily used the Lumen Sticks to create split colors. So, for example, blue-orange or blue-pink. Depending on the mood, I also created complementary or warm-cold contrasts and illuminated the model to get the best possible result.

Halloween Shooting Corpse-Paint

Motif 3: Corpse Paint Beauty

cover Exposure time ISO



Lumen Sticks for background, model and great contrasts

I always had two sticks tripods (Rollei Compact Traveler Star S2). In my photos I always placed the face in the middle between the sticks using the Lumen Stick Bundle. Every now and then I also lit the background and in dark lighting situations also the model.l.

Halloween Shooting Kulisse

I took photos with my Sony Alpha A7 Mark 1. So with a fairly old camera. Most of the time I use a Sony 1.8 lens (50mm), with the camera basically in my hand. I actually never take photos on a tripod, at least not when it comes to people photography. Now when I photograph landscapes or stars, I of course do it with a tripod. The biggest goal I have with my photos is that I want to convey to my viewer the mood that I want to achieve myself. And best of all in my very own style. The biggest inspiration for me is actually my own ambition because I want to constantly and continuously improve.

„My art is not just classic photography“

Overall, I just love what I do. And I love it even more when I have the viewer in front of me and then see that wow on their face. And I also love connecting with my followers and getting their feedback too.n.

Halloween Shooting Ghost

Motif 4: General Ghost

cover Exposure time ISO



I would say that my art is not only classic photography, but also digital image editing. For this I use Photoshop CC and for viewing I use Bridge or Lightroom. I always make a few presets in Lightroom to see how the image looks. But I mainly use Photoshop. Later work steps for the Halloween pictures were primarily professional skin retouching. I usually do this with a mix of frequency separation and local dodge and burn, then of course contouring and adding light accents, which I do with global dodge and burn. And then I add my personal look to the picture. These are Lightroom or Photoshop presets. For the flames I added negative multiply mode.t.

You don't need the newest or most expensive camera to take great pictures

What's also important to me about my pictures is that I want to show the viewer that you don't need the latest or most expensive camera to get great pictures and end results. This also works with cheap cameras. My Sony, for example, is now available for 750 euros and is a full-format camera. The autofocus isn't the fastest, but that's not crazy. It depends more on your own style and technique.

Halloween Shooting Gitterzaun

Motive 5: Reaching out

cover Exposure time ISO




Note: Please note that the Lumen Stick RGB shown in the photos is the previous version without an integrated and non-removable handle. The technical specifications of the new model with integrated handle are identical. You can use the new Lumen Stick RGB for a shoot in the same way as described and shown here.

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