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Professional photographer Stephan Wiesner takes a close look at the new iPhone 14 Pro

Profi-Fotograf Stephan Wiesner nimmt das neue iPhone 14 Pro unter die Lupe

In order to take a closer look at the new product highlight from Apple, professional photographer Stephan Wiesner went to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg to look for various shooting opportunities. In order to be able to flexibly capture different motifs, he reports which new functions of the smartphone were impressive and which photo accessories he used.

Powerful camera modes for breathtaking shots

The Action mode is a big innovation in the iPhone, which Wiesner was the first to take a close look at. Aim this Camera mode it should be, calm and almost Shake-free video recordings to create. In order to be able to try it out under the best possible circumstances, the professional photographer ran down a flight of stairs and around the curve. Despite these circumstances, the result looked more than satisfactory. From the photographer's perspective, this function is also for the future Vlogging missions very exciting, where you don't want to use an additional action camera.

Another one exciting feature is the Cinema mode, which is for both Front and main camera can be used. Here too it seemed 4K mode and 24 fps to convince Wiesner in the first test attempts. The photographer noticed a significant improvement, particularly with the front camera, where the background is blurred in cinema mode. Not just the actual recordings in things Sharpness were more than satisfactory, but also the White balance convinced different lighting situations. Also that Wide angle lens created engraved sharp shots, even if people were moving towards the camera.

Praxistest iPhone 14 Pro

When it comes to taking photos, that’s it iPhone 14 Pro with the 48 megapixel main camera the Video recordings in no way. Wiesner was able to quickly determine that the smartphone was... RAW shots has no problems with strong backlight at 12 megapixels. With four zoom levels with three lenses The smartphone offers a variety of options for taking pictures. It was particularly exciting for Stephan Wiesner that the recordings themselves were made at one High magnification hardly any blurred areas had. This is complemented by the fact that even at blue hour or late twilight ISO noise was not really the case with most results.

Perfectly combined with Rollei equipment thanks to the smartphone holder

About the different Shooting situations In order to be able to tackle it best, Stephan Wiesner used various things Smartphone equipment. That was flexible Compact tripod Rollei Monkey Pod 2, which mainly in Vlogging style was used. To do this, the photographer held the tripod in his hand and was able to use an optional one Smartphone holder an external one microphone or at a later hour even a compact one LED light attach over the smartphone.

Praxistest iPhone 14 Pro

Praxistest iPhone 14 Pro

Also Long exposure Or generally shaking-free shots were no problem for him with the new iPhone 14 Pro. In addition to the action mode too quiet photo shots To achieve this, he resorted to this Carbon tripod Rollei C6i back. He particularly likes that this travel tripod comes with the Smartphone holder II is compatible, into which the device fits perfectly. In addition, this smartphone holder from the Rollei C6i is also available on the Rollei Monkey Pod can be changed so that additional accessories can be combined via the integrated hot shoe connection.

Praxistest iPhone 14 Pro

The conclusion to the iPhone 14 Pro

The photographer showed up at the end of the test very impressive from the recordings and the software with which the new iPhone different lighting situations concerns. What was most convincing was the sharpness of the different motifs. With my Sony camera I don't have much flexibility when zooming in, emphasizes Wiesner. The RAW files created are also easy to edit afterwards and open up new ones e creative possibilities in post-processing. In combination with others Smartphone equipment, like one Travel tripod or one Smartphone gimbal, you can get even more out of the device in everyday life professional recordings to achieve.

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