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This is what professional photographer Mario Dirks says about our brand new Lumen Flex panel lights

Mario Dirks testet Rollei Lumen Flex

Brand new we have our new ones panel lights Lumen Flex S, M and L brought to the market, which are absolutely exciting devices for various reasons.

In order to have them tested a little by a real pro, we asked photographer Mario Dirks to get them going a little for us and to show in a YouTube video what the Flex variants can actually do..



Flexible and foldable permanent LED light

Mario Dirks explains one of the many advantages they bring with them at the beginning of the video. When I got the packages, the first thing I wanted to do was call Rollei and say: Hey, you forgot the contents, because the packages were n extremely light‘“.

Mario Dirks then shows why they are so light in the video and presents the three existing ones sizes S, M and L in great detail and with their respective differences amounts of LEDs before. He also explains for which motif situations Panel lights in their sizes each suitable.

Easy handling via controller or app

Among other things, he goes into the fact that all three variants have more than the supplied Controller or via the Rollei Lumen apppp can be adjusted. For example, the Color temperature infinitely variable are, by controller..

Mario finds Dirks particularly positive next to the high flexibility and lightness of the product that it can be used in many areas, whether you produce content for the photo or video area..

Simple construction including X-Mount

In addition, Mario Dirks explains how to do this Lumen Flex quite simply with the help of the so-called Build X mount can. These are four X-shaped struts that find space in the corner brackets during assembly. You can think of the X-Mount as an attachment that you attach to your lamp tripod attach. So simple so practical..

When it comes to assembly, Dirks also explains that the lamp can be turned from portrait to landscape format and back with an Allen screw and a tiny hand movement.

The complete presentation with all exciting aspects of the lamps can be found in the Video!


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