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Outdoor action with the Fotoliner Ocean Pro and the F:X Pro filter holder Mark III

Outdoor-Action mit dem Fotoliner Ocean Pro und dem F:X Pro Filterhalter Mark III

Photography is an art that requires not only talent but also that proper equipment requires. An experienced photographer knows that in addition to the camera, accessories are also important to achieve the perfect picture. That's why we met with Fabio Santacroce, an experienced outdoor and lifestyle photographer.

He has ours Photoliner Ocean Pro and the F:X Pro filter holder Mark III tested thoroughly at various locations. Find out in this article what he particularly liked about the products and why he wouldn't want to be without them in the future.

Fabio Santacroce is a passionate photographer from Saarland who loves nature and the mountains. His pictures are characterized by a perfect mix Detail and wide angle shots which result in an atmospheric series. His main focus is on the Outdoor and lifestyle photography as well as the Videography.

For the practical test, the photographer visited three different locations: the Biodiversum in Luxembourg, the Saar loop in Orscholz and a lake in Bludenz, Vorarlberg. The aim of the individual shoots was to... both products in different situations to test and see how they perform in action.

The first impression of the equipment

Fabio used his Sony Alpha 7 III camera and a selection of lenses with focal lengths of 27-75mm, 17-28mm and 85mm for the shoot. Next to the F:X Pro Master Kit Rectangular Filter Mark III he has on the Fotoliner Ocean Pro in gray to transport your equipment safely and comfortably.

Even when unpacked for the first time, it could Photoliner Ocean Pro shine. "The camera backpack is very well made and offers sufficient storage space for cameras, lenses, accessories and personal items," says Fabio.

Outdoor-Action mit dem Fotoliner Ocean Pro

That too F:X Pro Master Kit Rectangular Filter Mark III, consisting of three different ND filters (Neutral density filter) with different strengths as well as one CPL filter (Polarization filters) made a good impression straight away. The filters as well as the Filter holder The latest generation are manufactured to a high quality and are easy to attach and remove. Both are essential accessories for the photographer Long exposures and help to reduce disturbing reflections, for example on bodies of water.

Outdoor-Action mit dem F:X Pro Filterhalter

Different locations with different challenges for our equipment

As mentioned at the beginning, the photographer used three different locations, each of which offered a special highlight for his test. The biodiversity in Luxembourg was perfect Backdrop for long exposures, while the Saar loop enters Orscholz breathtaking panorama offered. The lake in Bludenz, Vorarlberg, was a real highlight and provided a wonderful atmosphere for the shoot.

Outdoor-Action mit dem Rollei Equipment

However, the challenge for the different locations was the same: that right light and the suitable mood for the recordings. Fabio had to return several times to get the perfect picture. The goal of every shoot is to transform a vision or concept into a concrete visual implementation. This can help with a product or service optimally staged. thanks to the Filter sets However, with Rollei he was able to achieve excellent results even in unfavorable lighting conditions. In addition, it offered Fabio the optimal opportunity to use Filters and long exposures to put in focus.

Outdoor-Action mit dem F:X Pro Filterhalter

The results of the shooting were, as Fabio and we also think, impressive. "The use of filters and long exposures helped make the results even more more professional and impressive the photographer adds. He also adds: "During the shoot I was able to use most of the settings on my camera as usual. The RAW images were already high quality, but I was able to get mine through editing own touch bring into the pictures."

Outdoor-Action mit dem Rollei F:X Pro Filterhalter

The photographer's conclusion

Overall, the shoot and the test were a success for Fabio. With the support of the Camera backpacks and the filters can make his work easier. For example, this is what it does high quality as well as the sufficient storage space transporting the equipment is child's play without having to forego individual accessories. In addition there is also this high wearing comfort, so that you could carry the weight easily even when the backpack was full. "The Camera compartment is well padded and allows quick and easy access to the camera. Perfect for quick snapshots," says Fabio.

Outdoor-Action mit dem Fotoliner Ocean Pro

The rectangular filter set was not only easy to install, but also impressed with its well-thought-out workmanship. Fabio could do all sorts of things Filter combinations Try everything from polarizing filters to graduated filters to improve your long exposure capabilities. For him it was great to see how the use of the filters Colors and contrasts could improve his recordings.

Outdoor-Action mit den F:X Pro Filtern


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