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Little effort - big effect. Photoshoot with the Lumen Sticks

Fotoshoot mit den Lumen Sticks

The final photo

Shooting Lumen Sticks LED-LichtThat we our Lumen sticks brought onto the market not that long ago and we are already receiving bombastic photos in which the LED lights are used impressively.

Simple means, clever implementationg

For example, photographer Max Brandt from Hamburg sent us the following pictures (Instagram: @maximilianbrandt_). Overall, he implemented it using simple means but absolutely cleverly..

Asia, shopping district, car?

The picture in which the model is drinking a soda, lost in thought, evokes various associations. The young woman is standing in an Asian shopping district in the evening. Did it just rain? The photo was taken from the carrt?

No. Much better. It came about like this.


The photo was not taken in Asia, but in a makeshift photo studio in Hamburg, as Maximilian tells us. In addition to our Lumen Sticks, other individual parts were necessary. The final image was also refined a little using Photoshop so that the characters can be seen in the photo. We list here which individual parts Maximilian needed for this impressive picture.

Plexiglass plate

To simulate a car window through which the picture was supposedly taken, Maximilian used a Plexiglas plate and wooden holders. Overall, this is a little cheaper than a flight to Tokyo.

Lumen sticks

Our Lumen sticks He then placed it to the left and right of the model. In doing so, he gave the image the appearance of a shopping district in which colorful neon advertising illuminates the otherwise dark surroundings.


So that the Lumen Sticks don't have to be carried by helpers during the shoot, Maximilian Lamp stands used. This means the model can pose freely and adjustments can be made during the shoot without any problems.

Continuous light

An Octabox was also used to create lighting accents. This created shading on the right side of the model's face and enhanced the turquoise color of the hair. In order to be able to align the light, Maximilian also used a grid (honeycomb).

spray bottle

For the raindrops on the car window, a normal spray bottle filled with water was enough. Of course, spraying depends on the intensity of the rain to be depicted.ens.

Shooting Wassertropfen Lumen Sticks


Once the preparation of the accessories and the motif ideas have been prepared, you can finally start shooting. Depending on the subject, you can see the color of the lumen sticks in the image, but not the sticks themselves. After the shoot, you can of course refine it with Photoshop.

Shooting Lumen Sticks Behind the Scene


camera lens cover Shutter ISO
Panasonic GH5 Sigma Art 50-100mm 1.8mm 2.8 1/250 800

Rollei Lumen App


Our Lumen sticks You can set it manually on the device, but also with the Lumen app from Rollei. This means you can easily adjust colors, intensities and gradients with your smartphone without having to put the camera down.




Shooting Lumen Sticks Behind the Scene



…and here comes the finishing. Of course, Photoshop is not a must, but it can definitely advance an image. In this case, some details have been highlighted a little more. These include, for example, the model's eyebrows, lips or irises. But the Asian lettering was also placed over the original and the transition was made transparent.

Shooting Bildbearbeitung Photoshop

Note: Please note that the Lumen Stick RGB shown in the photos is the previous version without an integrated and non-removable handle. The technical specifications of the new model with integrated handle are identical. You can use the new Lumen Stick RGB for a shoot in the same way as described and shown here.

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1 comment

Hallo, ich habe das Vorgängermodell mit abnehmbaren Griff und bin grundsätzlich damit zufrieden. Aber insgesamt ist die Leistung im Farbbereich sehr begrenzt obwohl schon deutlich kräftiger als bei den meisten Konkurrenten. Nur ein Drittel der LEDs sind farbig und farbiges Licht braucht eigentlich noch mehr Leistung. Will ich rein blaues Licht haben nutze ich im wesentlichen ein Drittel eines Drittels der Gesamtleistung. Auch dieses Bild funktioniert nur, weil die Sticks nah am Modell sind mit einer Blende von 2,8 und ISO 800.
Es wäre ein professionelles Gerät mit ganz anderen Möglichkeiten, wenn Rollei einen 20W-Stick nur mit RGB LEDs auf den Markt bringen würde. Oder einen rein weißen Stick mit 8 oder 10 festen Filter zum Festklemmen, gerne auch zum Nachrüsten für vorhandene Sticks.
Und gerne wieder mit abnehmbarem Griff den man auch in der Mitte anbringen kann. Dann braucht man kein Gegengewicht am Stativ.

Andreas Götz,

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