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The Rollei action one in a practical test while windsurfing

Die Rollei action one im Praxistest beim Windsurfen

Despite his young age, the athlete Nick Spangenberg from Kassel is already one of the German greats Windsurfing. He became known because he sent his first windsurfing travel reports to magazines at the age of twelve. He regularly delights his social media subscribers with photos and film material from competitions and practice runs.

For me as a professional windsurfer, says Spangenberg, it is very important Images and videos from me so that I can look back and see what could have been done better in various maneuvers. But this is just one of many reasons why he takes up windsurfing Action cam uses. As a young, technology-savvy and travel-loving athlete, he had the opportunity to attend the launch of the new Rollei action one, the action camera in the practice testing.

The first impressions of the new top action camera

Nick Spangenberg wanted to know and even went to Morocco for the test in order to catch perfect winds and waves. He tested them Rollei action one on their robustness and in the use of different perspectives, from which film and photo recordings should then be created.

Even before the acid test off the coast of Morocco, Spangenberg was already over this extensive accessories thrilled with delivery. The camera came with everything you need to get straight into the fun. Around the Possible uses In order to be able to fully utilize the Rollei action one, the professional windsurfer also decided on this Actioncam accessory set Sport XL from Rollei. This then provided him with more Brackets, one Selfie stick and much more to Videos and photos from previously unknown perspectives.

Rollei Actioncam action one

Also the Recording quality Spangenberg was already able to convince on land. Both those Image and video recordings were flawless and of impressive clarity. Through the 4K video recording With 60 frames per second, he captures moments that are particularly high quality „colorful“ works. He noticed this particularly in very colorful objects, all colors are reproduced one-to-one as they could be seen in nature.

Morocco is a paradise for windsurfersr

Year after year, and for decades, the windsurfing community sets out to ride the waves of Morocco's Atlantic coast. As an experienced professional athlete who has already experienced numerous spots, Nick Spangenberg identified Morocco as the perfect location for the test. No matter whether in the wave, slalom or freestyle disciplines: Morocco offers everything a surfer's heart desires and makes it possible in conjunction with the new action camera spectacular shots.

Already at the beginning of the recordings she was able to Rollei action one convince the athlete with additional features. Among other things, it was convincing Battery life. With the powerful 1,300 milliamperes hours it was possible for up to about two hours to record content for a long time without charging the battery. Recharging when the battery was completely empty was also very quick. For this he took advantage of short breaks on his part.

Just that too integrated front display at the Rollei action one was a big advantage for Nick Spangenberg. Because he was able to do this at any time, even without test recordings to examine perspectives and repair if necessary.

The Rollei action one stands for flexible use, so it was easy for the athlete to find new perspectives.

Rollei Actioncam action one

Below, the athlete tells you in more detail why these four chosen perspectives were special for him.

Attachment to the sail: bird's eye view and fork perspective

For the first two perspectives, the athlete brought the Rollei action one using the accessories on the sail. Starting with the Bird's eye view, in which the action camera was mounted high on the sail, allowing a view of the surfer himself and the water. Thanks to the large recording angle of 170 degrees, the images look particularly impressive as the athlete competed in a race with other sea creatures.

Rollei Actioncam action one

For the Fork perspective Spangenberg mounted the camera in the fork of the sail. The position was close to the athlete and captured every emotion. In addition, with the recordings from this perspective, he was able to check his technique well and improve it if necessary.

Rollei Actioncam action one

In the middle of the action: The chest or head perspective

These two perspectives are ideal for giving the viewer the feeling of being right in the middle of the action. Spangenberg says: As a spectator, you get the best impressions of the athletes' performance from this perspective. You practically swap places with the surfer. The in m Accessory set The included straps made it particularly easy for the athlete Rollei action one to be fastened exactly in such a way that they are safe and secure while driving precise the recordings could create.

Rollei Actioncam action one

He also emphasizes that this perspective would be an exciting perspective not only for windsurfers, but also in the areas of mountain biking, skating and much more. Because that's what the athletes have with them „Onboard perspective“ the opportunity to capture the tricks or descents from your own perspective and then give the viewer the best possible feeling of having been there.

Rollei Actioncam action one

Spangenberg's favorite: the viewer's perspective

For dreamy ones Photo and video recordings, says Spangenberg, is recommended Viewer perspective. Here you look at the athlete from the outside. A disadvantage that arises from the windsurfer's point of view: a second person is required who can get as close as possible to the athlete and take the appropriate photos. For a better recording situation, the athlete recommends using one Selfie stick or something similar. Here the photographer or filmmaker has more leeway and can better reach the athlete being filmed.“.

Rollei Actioncam action one

Of course, there are many other perspectives, but from Nick Spangenberg's perspective these four perspectives are the best of all different angles and perspectives to be able to record. There are no limits to creativity, says Spangenberg.

The windsurfer's conclusion about action one!

In summary, Nick Spangenberg is from the new one Rollei action one very convinced! The camera has a lot in all the criteria that are important for the athlete in use performed well. The Rollei action one shone through hers long battery life, the high image quality and also because of the many options for being able to record different angles. This can also be seen in another use of the action camera in Kassel, where the following video was taken.

The large one is also advantageous 2.33 inch IPS touchscreen and the 1.3 inch front display. With the touch display, the recordings can be viewed in the photo and video gallery and analyzed directly. All settings can be edited and changed quickly. Spangenberg recommends that all athletes who choose the excellent Rollei action one order the accessory set for the action camera directly. So you are well prepared for all sorts of things To be able to realize shooting angles.


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