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Lightweight wide-angle lens with a focal length of 28 millimeters and F/1.8 for Sony

Leichtes Weitwinkelobjektiv mit 28 Millimetern Brennweite und F/1.8 für Sony

Outstanding image quality and sharpness for universal applications

In cooperation with the renowned lens manufacturer Viltrox, Rollei presents the new Viltrox lens 28 mm F/1.8 FE with Sony E-Mount. The lightweight wide-angle lens offers a high initial aperture of 1.8 and first-class optical compensation without compromising on autofocus or imaging performance. With its outstanding image quality and the ability to isolate objects from the background, it is ideal for various areas of photography. The novelty can also shine in video settings thanks to the focus motor, which works quickly, precisely and quietly.n.

Norderstedt, 05/19/2023. Together with the well-known lens manufacturer Viltrox, the photo accessories expert Rollei presents the new „Viltrox lens 28mm F/1.8 FE with Sony E-mount“ before. The lightweight wide-angle lens is aimed as an all-rounder at a large number of photographers who work at a r 28mm fixed focal length don't want to do without a large open aperture and first-class optical coating.

The figurehead of the novelty is the high Initial aperture of 1.8. While it's rather uncommon for lenses of this focal length, Viltrox has managed to master the feat. There are no compromises in terms of autofocus or imaging performance. Despite the slight wide-angle, thanks to the large open aperture and Sony's full-frame sensor, it is possible to easily isolate objects or people from the background. Even in poor light conditions, the lens allows a short exposure time, combined with an ISO value that largely prevents image noise.

Visually, Viltrox equips its new fixed focal length with a high-quality and insensitive coating. Ghosting, chromatic aberrations or lens flares can thus be almost completely ruled out. The optical calculation of the lens, which has been optimized for Sony's full-frame sensors, promises despite the slight wide angle almost distortion-free recordings. Recordings are shown with high edge sharpness and even with Aperture 1.8 with a barely recognizable vignetting, which speaks for the high optical quality of this lens.

The lens is with a new one Auto Focus Technology fitted. As a result, the camera and the lens can easily recognize objects or the eye of a photographed person, depending on the selected focus mode. The rapid, quiet and precise working one Lens STM motor proves to be ideal for automatic focus tracking and thus guarantees a sharp image with any type of subject.

As known from the previous models, the 28 mm F/1.8 FE lens with Sony E-Mount also has a proven and robust design. Using the built-in USB-C interface, the lens manufacturer enables smooth and fast firmware updates.s.


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 Produktabbildung Viltrox-Objektiv 28 mm für SonyProduktabbildung Viltrox-Objektiv 28 mm für Sony