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Rollei becomes the exclusive dealer for Unistellar telescopes in Germany & Austria

Rollei wird exklusiver Händler für Unistellar-Teleskope in Deutschland & Österreich

Innovative, smart telescopes for beginners or professional stargazing: set up, connect, be amazed

Rollei works with various partner brands in order to be able to present its customers with innovative products over the long term. Rollei is therefore pleased to announce that the eQuinox 2 and eVscope 2 telescopes from the French pioneer for digital telescopes Unistellar are now available exclusively in Germany and Austria. The smart telescopes are among the most powerful and user-friendly telescopes in the world.

Norderstedt, May 11, 2023. Rollei is known for innovative solutions in the field of photography and videography. With the new partnership with Unistellar, the French pioneer for digital telescopes, Rollei would like to offer its customers in Germany and Austria the opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking world of astronomy thanks to innovative technologies.

New to the Rollei range are the Telescope eQuinox 2 and eVscope 2. Both enable discovery and exploration of the universe for everyone. Unistellar products are among the most powerful and user-friendly telescopes in the world. The control is wireless and intuitive via your own smartphone or tablet using the free Unistellar app. Observation targets can be selected in the app with just a push of a button. Cumbersome alignments to the pole or previous knowledge of the starry sky are not necessary, since the eVscope 2 and the eQuinox 2 automatically align themselves using an internal compass, acceleration sensor and plate solving (star field recognition).n.

In just a few seconds, the selected celestial objects can be observed, all without further manual calibration steps. Furthermore, both the eVscope 2 and the eQuinox 2 have an image intensifier (Enhanced Vision Technology), with which faint objects such as nebulae and galaxies can be displayed simply and impressively. This is made possible by longer exposure times, whereby colors and structures of the observation target become clearly recognizable.

The smart telescopes use a combination of a 114 mm mirror, a 450 mm focal length and a fast aperture ratio of F/4. The image captured by the highly sensitive sensor is processed inside the telescope and presented through the built-in eyepieces. The generated image is then displayed on an OLED screen with a high contrast ratio. The experience then resembles a live image, which is generated by purely optical telescopes. Of course, this picture can also be seen on up to 10 connected mobile devices in the app.

An integrated battery provides the necessary power in both models, which has a maximum running time of 11 hours per battery charge. So that the selected telescope can also be safely stored during transport, Rollei offers the appropriate one separately Unistellar eVscope eQuinox backpack at.


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