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Tripod cleaning:How to clean a camera tripod?


Good tripods are often exposed to the strong influences of nature. For thoroughbred photographers, for example, they stand in salt water, mud or sand and therefore have to be cleaned regularly after each of these uses so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible..

But how do you properly clean your tripod This question is asked regularly by our professional service team at Rollei..

That's why we recorded an explanatory video with Sigbert Laakmann, whoRollei works in product management. In the video he shows the cleaning using ours as an exampleRollei Lion Rock Traveler. Below the video you will find a summary of the tripod cleaning procedure.

Disassembling the tripod:

  1. Loosen the Allen screw, unscrew the head from the tripod. When the tripod head is turned off, unscrew the base plate
  2. Screw the damping on the center column slightly, unscrew the hook on the center column
  3. Completely remove the center column, then completely unscrew the damping
  4. Disassemble tripod legs (first remove cover caps for spikes)
  5. Loosen legs by unscrewing quick release screws
  6. Carefully remove the tripod stopper plate, thereby removing the sealing cap, proceed in the same way for each leg

Cleaning the tripod:

  1. Clean the tripod in a water bath. First in soapy water then in a clear water basin. Soak all parts except for the tripod head and clean with a sponge and round brush
  2. Warning: the tripod head itself is lubricated on the inside and should not be fully submerged in water. To clean head, use sponge, then rinse with clear water
  3. Then rinse each part and place in clear water until clean
  4. Check each leg to make sure it is free of dirt, and the center column can also be cleaned in this way
  5. Remove any salt crusts from the locking elements and sleeves for spikes, clean the stopper plates with a round brush
  6. Pull out the tripod hook, check whether the spring mechanism can move
  7. When cleaning, also look into leg segments, check for crusts, clean
  8. Important!!! Be sure to dry individual parts before assembling


Assembling the tripod:

  1. Start with the second segment of the tripod leg. Increasing the stopper plate must snap into the corresponding hole of the tripod leg, that's how it stays in place. If it doesn't go in easily, rotate part of the tripod leg, then attach all legs
  2. Only when all parts of a leg are put together, attach leg to body
  3. Spray silicone spray on paper, use it to wipe off legs
  4. Apply acid-free grease to threads
  5. Place spike caps on the spikes
  6. Insert center column. Nut must insert easily and smoothly
  7. Screw in the hook from below, just attach the plate for the ball head at the top, where the screw is inserted and tightened
  8. Put the ball head on the thread.


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